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Looking for a Roofer in Fairview, Lucas, Plano, Murphy, McKinney, Frisco, Wylie, Sachse, Richardson, Princeton, or Allen, Texas? Roofing Allen TX has got you covered!

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Residential Roofing in Allen

Residents in Allen and the surrounding areas know they can trust Roofing Allen TX for their roof installation, residential roof replacement, as well as any other roofing needs or repairs. Our team is dedicated to providing quality workmanship and customer service that you don’t find everywhere. We provide a full line of professional roofing services and products for any and all types of homes in the Allen area.

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Commercial Roofing in Allen

Roofing Allen TX offers the highest quality and most reliable commercial roofing solutions in a variety of styles. We offer top-of-the-line materials, at affordable prices. Our team specializes in commercial roofing projects such as airport terminals, shopping malls, office buildings, schools, arenas/stadiums – with only the best materials for heavy-duty protection like standing seam steel roofs to metal roofs that are made exclusively here in Texas. Roofing Allen TX has been installing commercial roofs since 1993!

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Roof Repair in Allen

Roofing Allen TX is the best choice for homeowners and businesses with roof issues in areas where there are a lot of roofing problems. From minor to major repairs, we can help. We have experienced contractors that know about different types of roofs, including flat roofs and more complicated stuff. Our team of roofing professionals will make your roof look new with seamless quality materials. Don`t worry about a thing. Our proven industry expertise and solid guarantees, as well as our warranty, ensures that we`ve got your back.

Quality Guarantee

Roofing Allen TX offers the highest quality service with the experience of installing roofs for over 25 years. We use American-made products and materials that come with warranties that you can feel safe in knowing are backed up by our trusted pledge to make sure your project will last for years to come! 

Competitive Pricing

Roofing Allen TX knows what you want in a roofer. We deliver quality, top-of-the-line service to meet your needs and expectations. Our years of experience with residential and commercial properties have given us the knowledge needed to give you peace of mind as well as sturdy, long-term roofs that are worth every penny spent.

Certified Roofing Pros

You can depend on Roofing Allen TX for peace of mind. Our repair expertise combined with our team of certified roofing professionals will always ensure you are worry-free and cover your best interests at all times. The team has the knowledge to help you through any home improvement need!

Top-Rated Roofing Company in Allen Texas!

Roofing Allen TX has been providing quality roof installations and repairs for over 25 years in and around Rockwall County. We are locally owned & operated, serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for a decade now. No job is too big or small for this dedicated team of professionals who take pride in their workmanship and customer service. Contact us today and find out how we can help you with your needs!

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Why You Want a Certified Allen Roofing Contractor

The life expectancy of your roof depends upon several elements with the style of roof, quality of materials used during the build, and direct exposure to severe weather condition components being the most important factors to consider. With routine upkeep and normal weathering elements, a well-built roof can last anywhere from 10 to 50 years.  On average, metal roofs can last 30 to 50 years, wood shake or wood shingles can last 20 to 40 years, asphalt shingles 10 to 20 years, and specialized roofing products such as slate roofing can last up to 100 years under the most ideal conditions.

Most of the time leaks start as small cracks in your roofing material that may not be visible to the average person, but if water is collecting and pooling on your roof, this can cause major issues. To find such damage, a close roof inspection of the roofing system might be needed.

If you notice a leak or believe that you may have damage to your roof, a licensed roofing contractor can be contacted to prevent further damage to the roof or to prevent any accidents to the homeowner caused by trying to examine it himself/herself. A roofing inspection needs to be carried out yearly in the Allen area as we live in an area that deals with constant weathering by sun, heat, rain, snow, wind, cold, and hail which can cause your roof to break down much quicker than in areas with less weather situations. A licensed and professional Allen Roofer will know exactly what to search for when inspecting your roof.

Selecting a Qualified Allen Roofer

A certified, experienced roofing specialist offers numerous roofing services from entirely detaching an old roof and changing it with a new one, to inspecting and “certifying” an existing roofing system. A roof certification is a document granted by a certified roof inspector that confirms the roof has been inspected (or, if necessary, repaired), is free of flaws, and is guaranteed to last for however long the roofing certification states. It can act as a kind of warranty for any repairs or updates made. The professional takes obligation for any required roof repair throughout that period.

A certified roofing professional is experienced with all types of roofing, materials, and installation procedures best suited to each task, and will ensure that the home has the appropriate venting.  When searching for a roofing contractor in Allen, Ask prospective roof contractors questions such as whether they are licensed and bonded. Also, make sure to ask which roofing products they are licensed and approved to use for installation and warranty purposes as there are many different roofing products to choose from and you need to ensure that they are certified to work with the type of roofing you are looking for regarding your home or business.

How to Select the Best Roofing Products for your Home or Business

Roofing has always been one of the most important aspects of any home or business construction. When building a house or a business, you must always consider the quality of the roofing products to use regarding its resilience as well as its visual appeal and style. A great quality roof at an affordable price is what most of us would like to have for our homes and businesses. Or, if you need to have your roof redone, you might to pick the kind of roofing that would last for years to come while also holding up against the ever-changing weather conditions. Therefore, it is essential to learn about and understand the best roofing materials. So, what are a few of the most popular and best roofing materials?

Asphalt shingles are most likely one of the most frequently utilized and the least pricey roofing products on the market today. Available in colors and textures and with a variety of shapes and sizes, there is an option for any project or any preference.

If you are wanting to go with a stylish appearance for your home, wood shake roofing may be a great alternative to consider. The best wood shakes are that of an old cedar tree. While this may offer a stunning visual appearance, it does not account for long-lasting value and sturdiness since its composition is prone to mold, unwanted termites, and it might even rot in the long run. Wood Shake Roofing does allow for a cooler and a more insulated result when it comes to ventilation.

Tile Roofing, unlike shingles, can be costly and require professional installation due to their considerably heavy weight and the fragility of the product. Clay and concrete are the most typical roofing tiles that are currently being used. Home and other structure constructions that use concrete tiles require to have a well-supported structure to keep the tiles in place for rather at some point.

Another roofing material that can often be seen in more elegant and stylish homes is slate. While slate roofing gives a similar appearance to that of shingles, they are instead created using slate, and it can be as heavy as concrete tiles. Like tiles, slate roofing requires a strong structure for it to be put into place. Both tiles and slate are great option for toughness and endurance as they require much less maintenance as compared to wood shake roofing.

Finally, one of the most extensively utilized roofing product nowadays is metal roofing. You can see them on homes almost everywhere because of its tested durability and long-lasting worth. It does not get destroyed as easily by fire and it is relatively maintenance-free. Metal roofing is also much lighter when compared to the rest of the roofing products when it comes to weight.

About Roofing Allen TX

Leaking roof? Worried that your roof is older and also may require an evaluation? We will offer you truthful, detailed, and also complimentary roof assessments.

As a house owner, placing a brand-new roof on your home is one of the biggest financial investments you will make and also it’s an extremely essential choice.

The finest method to figure out whether you require a roof replacement or if you just require place repair services is by getting the opinion of a specialist. As soon as a roof reaches this age, place repair services may not make sense and also specialists will likely suggest a roof replacement.

One of the most reliable method to prolong the life of your roof is with a proper and also regular routine of roof maintenance. Follow these preventative steps to help keep your roof healthy and balanced. If you find items of concern throughout your inspections, find a certified roofing contractor.

We have the understanding to lead you and also help you with the roofing process to make sure that you get the roof you desire and also a roof that will last! From explaining the components of a roof to helping you pick the ideal type of roof for your home, we will be there to help you every step of the method.

We won’t try to offer you a brand-new roof if you do not require it. We will come to check your roof for free and also allow you understand if you actually require to invest in a brand-new roof or if you just require some basic roof maintenance. Whether it be a brand-new roof, a roof repair, or basic roof maintenance, Roofing Allen TX can take care of the task!

We only work with the most effective installers that have the understanding and also skillset to effectively mount your roof so it will last for years to come!

Roofing Allen TX Service Area

In addition to Allen, Roofing Allen TX also services many other cities in the region. If you don’t see your city listed, please give us a call at (469) 964-7663 because if we can’t get to you, we can put you in touch with one of our trusted service providers in your area:

Roofing Allen TX Q & A

Roofers should not ask for the entire amount upfront, but a deposit is okay. You should agree to terms and conditions of deposit before they start working. The deposit should be at least 20% of the total quote. However, don’t spend much more than that.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing – The most widely used residential roofing shingle today is asphalt shingles.

Metal Roofing – There are many metals that can be used to roof today, including copper, zinc and aluminum.

Asphalt shingles are a popular choice for roofing. It is cost-effective and offers protection.

Asphalt Shingles are the most affordable roofing material on the market. They will last between 15 and 30 years. For homeowners with tight budgets, this is the most cost-effective option. You can also find it in many colors and styles.

Nationally, the average cost of replacing a roof ranges between $7,000 to $12,000. Most people pay around $9,000 for a 2,000 sq., 2-story home. For a replacement of asphalt shingles for a 1000 sq. home should be around $4,000 on the low end and up to $8,000.

If you have any questions about your roof or if you know that it is time for it to be updated or replaced, give the pros at Roofing Allen TX a call today!

We proudly provide roofing services in Fairview, Lucas, Plano, Murphy, McKinney, Frisco, Wylie, Sachse, Richardson, Princeton, and Allen.

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